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ProStores E-Commerce Solution

We are pleased to offer ProStores, PC Magazine's editor's choice for online e-commerce stores.  Please contact us for a demonstration at 888-450-0443.

ProStores is a complete suite of powerful e-business tools that are designed to help small businesses get started selling online quickly and easily. ProStores's rich feature set ranges from simple wizard-driven Web site and e-store capabilities to sophisticated site design tools, advanced commerce functionality and high-end e-business management. In addition, for the first time, smaller merchants can now manage the entire process of posting and selling products on eBay using the intuitive interface they use to manage their online ProStores stores.

ProStores is a licensed hosted solution which means you pay one low monthly price which includes hosting, product upgrades, and security fixes.  When a new version is released, you automatically get the new features.  When a bug or security issue is found, your store is automatically fixed.

ProStores Highlights

Online Stores are a Key Growth Tool for any Small Business selling goods. You can choose from a variety of supported versions of ProStores designed to meet any business e-store requirements:

Starter Edition ($15 / month)

  • Shopping Cart and web pages for corporate info
  • Real-time, secure credit card and electronic check processing
  • Integrated UPS® ,FedEx®, and Canada Post Shipping
  • Sign-up, post and manage auctions on eBay®

Standard Edition ($50 / month)

  • Sophisticated Catalog, shopping cart and search engine
  • Powerful design tools to customize your stores look and feel
  • QuickBooks® Integration
  • Advanced reporting capabilities

Advanced Edition ($135 / month)

  • Sell products, services, subscriptions and memberships
  • Electronic product fulfillment
  • Sophisticated inventory management
  • Extensive merchandising options

Enterprise Edition ($225 / month)

  • Supply chain automation
  • Virtual inventory system capabilities
  • Offer wholesale pricing
  • Create an affiliate program

Compare ProStores Editions

From Starter to Enterprise, ProStores offers a solution that is right for you.

Store Management







Option to "close" the store during major product or format changes.

Reduce shopper’s confusion by performing changes while the store is closed.

Easy-to-use Site Setup Wizard with professionally designed templates.

Get your store up and running in 15 to 30 minutes.

Store administration welcome page takes you to the area you need based on the tasks you want to perform.

Quickly navigate to administration areas reducing time it takes to manage the store.

Context-sensitive wizards that guide you through the setup process.

Complex tasks are presented in easy-to-use wizards with online help.

Extensive online help and printed documentation.

Save time performing tasks.

Upgrade easily and automatically from within store administration.

When you are ready to do more you can quickly and easily move to a more robust store building on your previous work.

Intuitive, easy-to-use Design Studio that requires no knowledge of HTML, allowing custom store design.

Customize your store design to match your corporate identity.


Transfer all or part of an existing site design to your web store through a drag-and-drop interface.

Leverage your existing collateral for your store.


Easy-to-use ProStores Markup Language (SSML) for even more design flexibility.



Support for multimedia files, including Flash and MP3s, in your product catalog.



Customize all pages seen by the visitor.



Basic and Advanced navigation options allows customized views of the store administration area.

Reducing administration information to that which is important to you and your business.


Ability to assign multiple permission levels within the administrative or back-office area.

Provide your billing department with access to billing information while providing your shipping department with access to only shoppers shipping information.  Ensures everyone in your business is able to access the information that is important to them while not sacrificing security.


Design notification e-mails using HTML.



Ability to enable or disable certain features automatically using a simple check box, without having to edit the underlying template.

No need to know/understand HTML to take advantage of advanced store functionality. 



Store Operation







View shopping cart at any time, including estimated order total.

Shoppers can easily view the products they have placed in their cart and know the total of their purchase.

Order confirmation via e-mail.

Both you and your shoppers are notified that an order has been placed, the total of that order, shipping and the products ordered.

Catalog search by keyword, product name, manufacturer, SKU, category, sub-category and/or price range.

Shoppers can quickly search for products in your store, ensuring they find the product they want.


Link to products currently on sale.

Shoppers can easily find products that are on sale within your store.


Organize your catalog by category, product name, or manufacturer.

Categorize products in a fashion similar to your retail store – place products in multiple categories ensuring shoppers find the product they are looking for.


Show search results and customer's location in catalog.



Give each product and category its own unique look and feel using your custom templates.



Shipping and credit confirmation via e-mail.

Provides both you and your shopper a record that the order has been shipped, the delivery method chosen and any tracking information you may have provided.  Shoppers know the products they ordered are “on the way”.



Billing & Payment Options







Standard payment options: major credit cards, store card, checks and money orders.

Accept the forms of payment most online shoppers have become accustomed to.

Support for real-time credit card processing.1

Credit card transactions are handled automatically and securely, reducing fraud and charge-backs while reducing the time you spend manually processing information (keying data into a card swipe machine).





Support for PayPal

Accept payments online without investing in an online merchant account.

Support for Electronic check (ACH) using Electracash (or the ProStores SDK for other ACH products)

Electronic check transactions are handled automatically and securely, reducing fraud and charge-backs while reducing the time you spend manually processing information (keying data into a card swipe machine).

Support for WorldPay

Accept international payments in your store.

SSL enabled throughout the order process.2

Ensures a secure transaction allowing shoppers to feel confident that their personal data is safe.

Encrypted payment information.

Ensures a secure transaction allowing shoppers to feel confident that their personal data is safe.

Option to collect additional security code from shoppers.3

Many credit card companies are implementing additional security measures to ensure a safe, secure transaction.  When used with payment gateways, each store type will collect the additional security codes from shoppers (found on the back of their credit cards).

Integrated UPS® shipping.

Use UPS shipping tables and tracking information similar to your retail business.

Integrated FedEx® shipping.

Use FedEx shipping tables and tracking information similar to your retail business.

Integrated Canada Post shipping.

Use Canada Post shipping tables and tracking information similar to your retail business.

Shipping calculations based on order amount, order weight or total item count.

Create shipping tables to match your shipping needs.

Sophisticated tax calculations, including GST and PST for Canadian merchants.

Create sales tax calculations to match your sales tax needs

Support for external tax calculation service.


Taxable shipping charges.

Manage your online business like you do your retail presence – tax shipping if you do so for your retail business or if your state/shipping company requires it.

Customizable invoice notes based on method of payment.


Merchant-defined store order limit.

Create a threshold on the total amount a single order can be – helps to reduce fraudulent invoices or having to credit shoppers for mistaken orders.


Resale option.

Allow shoppers to purchase products resale and the store will automatically ask for the shopper’s resale number and not charge them sales tax.



Merchant-defined PO limits per customer.

Set a maximum dollar amount on purchase orders you accept.



Additional payment options: purchase orders, internal department orders.

If selling to businesses, you can accept more advanced forms of payment similar to your offline business.



Promoting Your Products







Sign-up to become an eBay® seller.

Easy sign up process for posting products to auction.

Post products from your store to eBay for auction.

Manage both your store and your auctions from one place.

Track the status of your auctions: view pending, live, closed and completed.

Easily track the status of your auction through the auction life-cycle.

Display active auctions on your storefront.

Provide shoppers with links to your auctions from your store home page.

Allow winning auction bidders to complete the purchase of the product from your store.

Winning bidders are directed back to your online store to complete the purchase; increases traffic to your store and may make a winning bidder a repeat shopper; both auction and store sales stored within ProStores for easy management and viewing.

Place individual products on sale, including start and end sale dates.

Potentially increase sales by placing products on sale with defined date ranges.

Submit your products to multiple marketplaces including shopping search engines, BizRate and Froogle.

Display your products in several shopping search engines, producing highly qualified traffic and an efficient sales channel for you



Quantity discounts by product.

Provide shoppers with discounts on individual products they purchase in larger quantities.



Store-wide sale offering a percentage off all items. Specific products can be excluded from the sale.

Potentially increase sales by placing all products in the store on sale – create holiday storewide sales specials like Christmas and Back-to-School.



Use special promotion codes. Run multiple special promotions concurrently with the ability to track the results of each.

Increase sales by creating special promotions with codes so that you can see the success of the promotion – provide the code on your marketing material that provides shoppers a percent off or dollar amount off of their order.



Order Management







Access orders by invoice number, tracking number or customer.

Easily find and manage orders in your store.

View and manage pending orders by status (missing billing info, awaiting authorization, ready for shipping, etc).

Easily find and manage orders in your store.

Automatically e-mail order notification to store manager.

You are quickly notified by email of an order that has been placed in your store allowing you to focus on your business and not always logging into your online store for an update.

Edit shipping tracking number and shipping date on invoices that have been shipped.

Easily correct an order that has already been placed and shipped.


Issue credits, partial credits and partial line item credits.

Easily credit a shopper for an incorrect order.


Desktop icon to alert you to new orders or customers in your store.

Be notified immediately when an order is placed in your store – you don’t have to wait for an email to be sent or to log into your store for a status.


Adjust all elements up or down of an invoice ready for shipping.

Easily correct an order if a shopper over/under ordered.



Issue store credit for orders, goodwill, or promotions.

Easily issue credits for goodwill, repeat shoppers, and promotions.



View pending orders by supplier, even if the order spans multiple suppliers





Notify suppliers of orders electronically by e-mail, EDI or fax

Your suppliers will be automatically notified that an order has been placed for one of their products, allowing them to ship to the shopper.




Based on shipping confirmation, separate partial orders for special handling





Provide suppliers a secure area to update shipping status

Suppliers can update shipping information ensuring that you and your shopper are fully aware of the status of their order




Product Management







Easy access to product update tools directly on the product list screen.

Easily change product information like price reducing the amount of time it takes for you to manage your product information.

Set the featured product in your storefront with a simple check box.


Import products to product database.

Easily import products into your store from an Excel spreadsheet – reducing the time it takes to upload your products.

Associate products with multiple categories or sub-categories.

Display your products in as many places in your online catalog as you wish – ensures that shoppers will easily find the products they wish to purchase.


Create an unlimited number of subcategory levels for the products in your store.

Design your online catalog however you wish with as many categories and sub-categories as it takes to effectively display your products.


Associate unlimited number of keywords with your products.

Keywords are words that shoppers use to search for a product within your store.  By supporting an unlimited number of keywords you are ensured that shoppers will find the products they wish to purchase.


Ability to sell services in your online store.

You don’t have to sell a physical good to have an online store, sell the services of your business online also.



Ability to add invoices generated outside of your online store - lets you offer services and other non-tangible goods.

Present shoppers with an invoice that they can pay through you online store – reduces manual invoice generation, sending to the shopper and tracking down payment.  Shopper can pay invoice with credit card or other forms of payment you may accept through your store.



Recurring billing lets you charge customers automatically at set intervals for products and services, such as monthly subscriptions.

Sell magazines, product of the month clubs, online subscriptions to content, etc and the store will automatically calculate the billing and charge at the intervals you define.



Allow customers to download electronic products from your store.

Sell and deliver electronic goods like books, music, etc from your store.



Upsell and cross-sell products.

Display products with one another potentially increasing the number of products shoppers may purchase from your store.  Products can display as “shoppers who purchased this product were also interested in…”



Apply suppliers to products, suppliers carry the inventory

Resale supplier’s products without increasing your inventory.




Inventory Management







Remove products you are no longer selling from your store's product count while keeping the information needed for invoices and reports.

You can easily change the products you sell from your site while maintaining historical order information.

Hide products from catalog when inventory reaches zero or the product reorder threshold.

Reduce shopper’s frustration by not displaying products you don’t have in stock or are waiting for inventory replenishment.



Set inventory threshold levels (reorder points) per product.




Choose whether to allow backorders and if a customer should be notified at the time of purchase an item is on backorder.

Reduce shopper’s frustration and potential customer service calls by accepting backorders on products not in stock – shopper is notified of this status while placing an order.



Display quantity available or "in-stock" to shopper.

Shoppers are notified of the quantity of stock on hand or “in-stock” to ensure they can order the product they wish.



Online low inventory and backordered products reports.

Quickly and easily see inventory levels of all products.



Automatically notify designated Store Buyer when inventory is low.

Have the appropriate person on your staff notified when a product reaches its reorder level – ensures that products are reordered in a timely manor.



Customer Management







Customer profiles saved for quicker, friendlier check-out.

Shoppers profile saved so that they need not type it in every time they return to your store to purchase goods – saving the shopper time.

Automated e-mail look up of lost passwords.

Shoppers can easily ask your store to provide them with their lost password – potentially reducing customer service calls.

Customer order history accessible to both the merchant and customer.

Both you and your shoppers can quickly and easily see their entire order history potentially reducing customer service calls.



Customer can choose to save shopping cart for recurring orders.

If your shoppers are frequently purchasing the same products they can save their cart, accessing it at a later time, changing it as necessarry – allows shoppers to quickly purchase products they buy frequently from you.



Merchant defined order limits by customer.




Assign customers to different “buyer groups”

Manage wholesale, retail and frequent buyer groups from the same site.  Shoppers will be displayed different product prices based on their login to the store.




Advanced Reporting Capabilities







Additional exports available: customer, products.


Share your product, order and customer information directly with QuickBooks®.

Easily share data with the most widely accepted accounting tool on the market – greatly reduces time spent on data entry


All reports available with pre-defined date ranges (such as "Last Month"), or choose your own.

Run store reports on the date ranges you want.


View your top selling products by total sales.

Quickly view the products that are the best sellers.


View the percentage of visitors who place orders.

See how many shoppers are placing orders – change your product information or store display if you find your percentage is low.


View your total sales.

See how successful you store is.


View number of new customer orders vs. returning customer orders.

See who is shopping at your store.


Learn what visitors are searching for and if their search was successful.

See the keywords that shoppers are using to search for products in your store – maybe they are typing in the name of your products wrong or are misspelling them – edit your product keywords to match shoppers search criteria.


See how many times a product is requested and placed in a cart.

Displays which products are the most popular, as well as least popular – place least popular products on sale to generate interest.


View your sales tax liability.

Easily determine your sales tax burden for your online sales.


Export your orders database for custom reporting using applications like Excel and Access.

Export your store data so that you may view it in other tools like Excel.


View sales by product, category and manufacturer.



View your top customers by total dollars spent.

Quickly view your best customers – use other features to reward them for their purchases (promotions)



View your total costs and profit margin.

Quickly determine which products are producing the greatest sales and profit margins.



Track the success of your special promotions.

See which promotions are successful, change those that aren’t.



View the total cost of your current inventory.

Quickly determine the total amount of inventory of your online store.



Additional exports available: credit,  manufacturers.




Sales Management







Create your own affiliate program

Let other sites sell your products – affiliates can link to your site, products, or cart with full reporting, variable commissions and online sign-up




Gather sales leads by product

Gather shopper information on products that aren’t for sale from the site but shoppers express an interest in – the store will automatically forward the information to a sales rep for follow-up




1. ProStores will allow for the collection of credit card and shopper data in conjunction with the shoppers purchase at your online store – in some instances you can process these transactions offline through your retail merchant account (as card not present transactions).  Please consult your merchant account and payment gateway agreements for more information.  Additional fees may apply.


2. Additional fees may apply if requesting your own SSL certificate and URL.


3. Please consult your payment gateway provider for further information.  Additional fees may apply.


To learn more about ProStores and how it can integrate into your website, contact us today at

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