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This state-of-the-art CD-ROM Catalog features an interactive shopping cart and allows sales reps to create a sales proposal ready for the customer's signature during the sales presentation.

Once Source CD ROM Screenshot The CD-ROM is designed with a clean, user-friendly interface that always shows you where you are and what you can purchase in that area.

The category you choose becomes highlighted, and a product in that category is pictured. It is easy to navigate between categories, sub-categories, and products.

At any time you can view your order in the shopping cart, request help, or exit the program.

Once Source CD ROM Screenshot Click on a sub-category to view all of the products available in that category.

Point at the product you're interested in, and click to get a detailed description with a color photograph.

At any point you can choose the arrow buttons to move backwards or forwards, look at what you've added to the shopping cart, or request help.

Once Source CD ROM Screenshot The product description page tells you the category you are in, the style number, along with the product description, and features a full-color image of that product.

You can easily navigate between the previous or next page, or use the back button to choose a new product style or a new category.

You can add the featured product to the shopping cart. Or you can choose to print your order from this page.

Once Source CD ROM Screenshot The interactive shopping cart screen lists the model number, description, and quantity of items ordered.

Highlight an item on the list to view a thumbnail picture of it. From here you can edit your selection, save the order, or print out the final proposal.

The prices are not included in this catalog so they can be updated as needed by the sales representative.

The catalog is setup in a database so that its contents can be easily updated as new models become available, and orders are stored permanently.

Call 888-450-0443 or email to order today!

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